No Limits Brass Choir

Who Can Audition

No Limits is open to 9th-12th grade brass players (trumpet, trombone, f horn, euphonium/baritone, and tuba.) The ability to double and triple tongue is helpful, but not required. Prospective players should be comfortable playing in a variety of keys, have a minimum of 2 octaves of range, and good sight-reading ability. No Limits Junior Brass Choir summer program is open to students entering grades 6-9 regardless of skill. No audition is required for summer brass choir or summer junior brass choir.

2017 Senior Brass Choir Application Process

The first step needed to become a part of No Limits Brass Choir is to register. To do so, please click on Contact and fill out the form selecting "join no limits" from the drop-down box.

Now that you've registered, you'll want to prepare a short audition. No Limits recognizes that auditions can be an intimidating process! While a live audition is preferred, prospective No Limits members also have the option to submit an MP3 recording. Whether auditioning live, or via recording, please prepare the scales listed below along with a short solo or etude demonstrating your current level of proficiency (1-2 minutes is sufficient). If you do not have a solo/etude, a sheet of excerpts can be obtained by emailing nolimits @ Auditions will be scheduled throughout the month of May. Additional auditions may be held until all openings are filled.

The audition allows the director to get an idea of your level of development as a player and determine appropriate part assignments. No Limits seeks to accommodate a range of ability levels and encourages everyone interested to register and audition regardless of current playing ability. When registering please indicate in the comments whether you wish to audition live, or via recording. In the event that you are unable to submit your recording via email, a burned CD can be mailed. Please contact director Ben Parke at for mailing instructions

No audition is required for summer session or junior brass choir.

Audition Material

Chromatic scale: Ascending and descending demonstrating your full range. May be done with any articulation.

Scales (2 octaves where possible, may be done with any scale rhythm and articulation, any form of the minor scale is fine, memorization is not necessary):

Trumpet, F Horn Scales - A major, F# minor, D major, B minor, Ab major, F minor Trombone, Euphonium/Baritone, Tuba Scales - G major, E minor, C major, A minor, Gb major, Eb minor

Prepared Solo or Excerpts: Please prepare a solo of 1-2minutes demonstrating your best technical and lyrical playing. If you do not have a prepared solo, excerpts are availabe upon request.

2017-2018 Rates

Summer rate: $100

2017-2018 fall, winter, and spring season: $450. A limited number of need-based partial scholarships are available. In some cases where students join late in the year a reduced rate may be available.

Placement Results

Placement results will be emailed to the address provided on your registration form within a week of your scheduled audition.

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