Many music stores offer rentals or rent-to-own programs for beginner instruments. The advantage of such programs would be the ability to return the instrument in the event the student should choose not to continue. These instruments usually run anywhere from $600 - $1000 depending on the instrument and whether it is new or used.

An alternative option would be to buy a used instrument at a garage sale, from a relative or neighbor, from, or try your luck on eBay. I have seen many suitable used beginner, intermediate, and pro model instruments on craigslist. You will definitely want to try the instrument before purchasing it. All valves and trombone slides/triggers should move freely when oiled and there should be no substantial dents. Stuck slides can easily be pulled at a repair shop. Trombone slides when properly greased should move freely at all points the length of the slide. The water key should also firmly seal. A good price for a beginner trumpet would be $300 or less. Intermediate trumpets usually can be found for under $600. I have also seen used Bach Stradivarius trumpets for under $1000. Used beginner trombones typically run $400 or less. I have seen very few used intermediate and pro model trombones. What I have seen tends to run anywhere from $450-$1500 depending on the instrument and condition.

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